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Leaky Roof Repair

Whether you’re missing some shingles or need to replace the flashing, the roofing professionals at Roof Fix can help. Roof Fix can repair nearly any roof, from commercial properties to residential, from metal to asphalt and shingle roofs. There are numerous ways to extend the life of your roof, including keeping nearby trees trimmed, ventilating your attic, maintaining your gutters, and, perhaps most importantly, repairing damage when it occurs.

Keeping Water Out

The best way to prevent leaks in your home is to properly maintain your roof. This includes inspecting and maintaining your roofs flashing, having regular roof inspections, keeping trees that hang near or over your roof trimmed, replacing worn or missing shingles and addressing leaks immediately to prevent further damage

Common Signs of Damage

Monitoring your roof for signs of damage is an important part of maintaining your home. Contact Roof Fix for roof repair immediately if you notice:

  • Damaged, wet or missing shingles
  • Cracks or other problems around roof openings and objects
  • Deteriorating exterior paint near the roofline and staining on ceilings and interior walls 
  • Visible sunlight or leaks in the attic
  • Sagging roof decking
  • Higher energy bills

Different Types of Roof Repairs

  • FASCIA REPLACEMENT – The fascia is the lower part of your roof and usually your roof’s first defense against the elements. If your fascia has begun to mold or warp, the roofing professionals at Roof Fix can help you navigate the replacement.
  • SHINGLE REPLACEMENT – Usually the most visually obvious, shingle replacement can make a world of difference for a home with a shingle and asphalt roof.
  • GUTTER CLEANING – Cleaning your home’s gutters may sound a little too easy, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Ensuring that your gutters are clear of debris can prevent the build-up of water around areas vulnerable to leaks.
  • FLASHING REPAIR & REPLACEMENT – Roof flashing is sheets or strips of metal that are installed at breaks, joints or edges of a roof. AKA: areas that are most vulnerable to roof leaks. Over time, the flashing of a roof can become worn and may require repairs or replacement. For smaller cracks and holes, roofing cement can be used to repair the damage but for more extensive damage the flashing of a roof may need to be replaced before the life of the roof has reached its end.

The Roof Fix Difference

When you hire a GAF Master Elite contractor like Roof Fix, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with the best in the business that guarantees both our products and the labor we provide.

GAF Master Elite Roof Fix
Master Elite Certified
Roof Fix is proud to have earned the designation of GAF Master Elite Contractors.
No Limit Warranty
Roof Fix offers all our customers a No Limit Warranty on all Roof Fix services.
Professional Team
Roof Fix is proud to maintain the GAF Triple Excellence Award – an honor reserved for roofers who provide excellence on three fronts.

Happy Roofing Testimonials

Top Company

Mr. Gallardo was excellent. He came always on time and always answered in a timely fashion any of my calls/text messages, with the right answers. They have excellent financing and the folks who came to do the work were great as well. Top company.

Carlos O.

Fantastic Team

The Staff @ Roof Fix Houston were great in my time of need. When a storm sent a tree crashing through my Roof they were there to help hassle free. I specifically was helped by Pat, but the whole team was fantastic, and a great experience all around. 10/10 would recommend!

Mitch C.

Outstanding Customer Service

First of all the customer service at Roof Fix was outstanding! Pat was very informative and super friendly it almost felt like I was dealing with family! If you want to get quality roof work done with guys that aren’t gonna cut corners make sure you contact them! If you’re not using these guys you’re paying too much simple as that!

Jose S.