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Roofing FAQ

How long will my roof last?

Most roofs are designed to last 15 – 20 years, but materials like metal roofing can lengthen the lifespan to three times that.

How long does a roof replacement take?

The average roof replacement takes 1-5 days to complete. That’s assuming no complications arise.

What is a roof inspection?

A roof inspection is a comprehensive analysis of the health of your roof. It gives roofing professionals the chance to identify any deterioration in your roof and make repairs as needed.

What causes roof wear and tear?

The main causes of roof deterioration are severe weather, temperature and algae growth. Dark colored roofs also tend to wear out quicker than light colored roofs.

What size hail is damaging to roofs?

Both the age and condition of your roof can impact how it is affected by hail, but a good rule of thumb is any hail larger than a marble can cause damage to your roofing.

How can you find a roof leak?

Water leaking in from your roof can travel a long distance before becoming apparent in your attic or ceiling. That’s why it’s usually best to trust a professional to find the source of the leaky roof quickly and determine the best solution.

Is the old roof removed before the new one is installed?

Although it is possible to layer shingles on top of one another, it is usually beneficial to strip the entire roof of all shingles to avoid keeping any curling or deteriorating shingles on the roof.

What is roofing underlayment?

Underlayment is a felt paper installed on the wood of your roof beneath the shingles. It protects your roof from any extra moisture that makes its way past the shingles during severe weather.

What type of roof is best?

There are several factors that go into making a decision about what type of roof to install. Different roof materials, their lifespans and their costs are all things that should be taken into account before the final decision is made.

What color roof should I get?

The color of your roof should be a secondary consideration after material and cost. You can usually choose a color that compliments the materials and colors of your home.

Is roof cleaning harmful to shingles?

Not at all. In fact, Roof Fix uses an eco-friendly, chemical free solution to remove stains and algae growth from your shingles. The myth that roof cleaning dries out your shingles is also completely false.

What makes metal roofing more environmentally friendly?

Metal roofs can be completely recycled, even at the end of their lifespans. Asphalt roof removal just adds to the billions of pounds of waste each year.

Have more questions?

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Mr. Gallardo was excellent. He came always on time and always answered in a timely fashion any of my calls/text messages, with the right answers. They have excellent financing and the folks who came to do the work were great as well. Top company.

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The Staff @ Roof Fix Houston were great in my time of need. When a storm sent a tree crashing through my Roof they were there to help hassle free. I specifically was helped by Pat, but the whole team was fantastic, and a great experience all around. 10/10 would recommend!

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First of all the customer service at Roof Fix was outstanding! Pat was very informative and super friendly it almost felt like I was dealing with family! If you want to get quality roof work done with guys that aren’t gonna cut corners make sure you contact them! If you’re not using these guys you’re paying too much simple as that!

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